Welcome to the general Builds section! Listed here are all of the builds that have been made and saved publicly for the community at large.

Tirwa's Adult Soloing Build Pre-Epic Created by Tirwa

Used for soloing Project X, Daknor the Berserk, AROP Elial, and Son of Gigaroth.

Paladin -drops mic- Created by GloriousMadness

This apparently destroys undead.

ELAR - Full Pew Pew Created by GloriousMadness

Pew Pew

"Glass"-Cannon Primalist Test Created by GloriousMadness

Some Glass-Cannon Primalist Test

Budget Generalist Tank Created by dweeblet

marginally more tanky caster Created by Ass

pretty standard caster set with a few crystals/techs intended to make it a bit more tanky

Audito Created by Anonymous

e vv Created by Anonymous

Vev's Aspirational Primalist Build II Created by dweeblet

For real this time

Vev's Aspirational Primalist Build Created by Anonymous

Monk Build Created by Teodora

I use this on my Spirit Disciple.

Gheara's Lunus Build Created by Teodora

Looks like Lunus is going to be better with the change to critical damage being reduced to 100%

"2015" DRA Caster Build and Guide Created by Lycheeberry

Full-time Dragon Caster since 2015. I can promise you quality if you'll lend me your time.

Gheara's DPS Helian Build Created by Teodora

This build focuses on a pure DPS caster build. Priority one, get focus to 1900 for an 18% chance to crit.

Noofle Created by Anonymous


bef Created by Anonymous

Glass Glizzy Build Created by Teodora

A very DPS build for a biped. High rating helpful.

Str - TaC melee build Created by Caprica

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