AGH Viewer

Last updated July 2023. Credit to Partheo's online AGH format documentation.

Please upload an AGH file below. The image will be automatically processed and shown below, as well as any errors.

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If you run into any issues, please contact Racktor via any of the links or avenues offered on our contact page. Be sure to include what file you uploaded, the error code (if any), and what you were doing prior to upload.

Changes from Fridlekh's AGH Viewer

This converter fixes three bugs that Fridlekh's maintained through its history.

  1. Original color formatting is now saved. Greyscale images will remain greyscale even after being exported.
  2. Dimensions are retained. The original program always converted images to dimensions in the power of 2 (eg. 256x512), forcing you to scale it. This will not happen here.
  3. Images are saved right-side up. AGH format encodes them upside-down, so they are flipped before saving. (Fridlekh's flipped them in the preview, but not in the saved version.)

On the flipside, though, largely due to being online, this viewer has a couple of limitations.

  1. Images can only be converted one-by-one. Let me know if there is a demand for a mass converter.
  2. You cannot peruse the file path to preview images from your client as you could in AGHViewer; you have to pick and choose what to upload.
  3. The conversion speed is limited by my webhost and your internet speed, rather than your own computer's processing power. Big uncompressed images can take ~3-4 seconds.

Fridlekh's AGH Viewer is still very useful for perusing the files of Istaria on your desktop. While his website has sadly gone offline, you can still see it on the Wayback Machine. In case the files are wiped from the Archive, I've saved the program, its required DLLs, and the ReadMe on this site. You can download it by clicking here .

  • This tool would not have been possible - or at least have been a pain to make - without the sleuthing of Partheo and his (unofficial) documentation of the AGH file format.
  • Inspiration belongs to Fridlekh for the original AGH Viewer that got me into modding all those years ago, as well as a thank you for his willingness to share information with other Istarians on how to follow in his footsteps.