This page is a simple collection of useful links for anyone needing some guidance in Istaria. The page is in no particular order of preference and all links are listed in alphabetical order.

Our Resources

This section links out to resources created by either our guild or by others that are very useful to players of Istaria. It is perfectly fine to place these on any information-hoarding websites such as the wikis, but if you do, we request that you link back to either this hub page, the website's main page, or the resources's specific page and give credit to the author.

  • AGH Viewer
    A web-based version of the classic AGH Viewer, this time with proper image type and size exporting.
  • Rite of Passage Crafting Calculator
    A calculator to figure out the minimum craft required for doing either Rite of Passage at any level.
Legacy Guides

These guides are no longer accurate, but remain on this page until they are remade.

  • Dragon Build List - Legacy
    A page that just lists existing builds hosted on this site that are explained more in-depth on other pages. Useful for linking out to others without hitting them with a wall of text to scroll through.
  • Dragon Quick Reference Sheet - Legacy
    A reference sheet for anyone leveling a dragon who needs to find a trainer.
  • Introduction to Dragon Builds - Legacy
    Explanations of how to build a dragon, what works well on each type, and examples of general gearsets optimized for different playstyles.
Official Resources
  • Istaria Community Site
    This is the community site for Istaria. It hosts a log of all of the most recent updates and changes to the game, which are very useful to be aware of. It also contains links to other parts of the site, such as the forums.
  • Istaria Discord Server
    This links directly to the join screen of the Istaria Discord, a real-time chat messaging server owned by Virtrium and moderated in part by some members of the community who had originally made the server prior to its integration.
  • Istaria Support
    This is the link to Istaria's support website. Any bugs or issues with the game that cannot be resolved in real-time communication go here!
Game Information
  • Istaria Forums - Player Guides
    This section of the forums is populated entirely by guides written by players for players. Many of these threads are very old and thus may contain out of date information, so read with caution, but a lot of information here still holds true.
  • Istaria Lexica
    Istaria's most up-to-date wiki site, built on a 2015 copy of the Istaria Wikia and updated since. Contains details about everything in the game from loot to quests. Managed by Elteria and Terao.
  • Istaria Reference
    A long-standing website managed by Cegaiel that contains a whole truckload of useful information from an entire Istarian map to a personal tracker for formulas.
  • The Dalimond Archives
    A newer wikia owned by Racktor that is meant to be an information hub regarding other people's characters and RP stories as well as a hub for the game's lore and stories. Meant as a replacement or successor to the Order Underground Wiki, an Order shard specific wiki that was the primary resource for character information for years, but locked down registration and moved to a new host.