Welcome to Istara's Chosen!!

Originally a site built for our guild on the Chaos and Order servers, the IC website has been reformatted to become a general fansite for all of Istaria.

Feel free to peruse this website and make use of the tools and guides we have here. If you wantot contribute, please contact the website admin via the information on the contact page. Account registrations are currently manual only as I do not want to expose the website to non-Istarians and potential griefing, but everyone is welcome to own an account. In the future, I hope set up some form of more automated registration.

While we may be a guild at heart, our name derives from greater roots. We, the Gifted, are the bulwark against the Aegis; the ones Chosen to fight them off. Istara, the goddess of Istaria reigning over all races, has chosen us - we are Istara's Chosen. You are one of Istara's Chosen!