Welcome to the general Builds section! Listed here are all of the builds that have been made and saved publicly for the community at large.

Tirwa's Adult Soloing Build Pre-Epic Created by Tirwa

Used for soloing Project X, Daknor the Berserk, AROP Elial, and Son of Gigaroth.

"Glass"-Cannon Primalist Test Created by GloriousMadness

Some Glass-Cannon Primalist Test

Budget Generalist Tank Created by dweeblet

marginally more tanky caster Created by Ass

pretty standard caster set with a few crystals/techs intended to make it a bit more tanky

Audito Created by Anonymous

Test1234 Created by Anonymous

Agua - T6 Hybrid 2 Created by AguaRush11

Potential Hybrid Build

wub Created by Twistlin

totally real and serious build Created by Xpliciics


e vv Created by Anonymous

Vev's Aspirational Primalist Build II Created by dweeblet

For real this time

Vev's Aspirational Primalist Build Created by Anonymous

Gheara's Lunus Build Created by Teodora

Looks like Lunus is going to be better with the change to critical damage being reduced to 100%

"2015" DRA Caster Build and Guide Created by Lycheeberry

Full-time Dragon Caster since 2015. I can promise you quality if you'll lend me your time.

Gheara's DPS Helian Build Created by Teodora

This build focuses on a pure DPS caster build. Priority one, get focus to 1900 for an 18% chance to crit.

Noofle Created by Anonymous


bef Created by Anonymous

Str - TaC melee build Created by Caprica

Wolfwing Created by salemstag

Current Build

Myirdroth Created by Anonymous

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