Character Portraits

Character portraits are the images that show beside your character's name when you click on someone or yourself. Enemies, some NPCs, and a few developers have unique portrait to spice up their selection window. Players, however, do not - by default!

If you place an image into \resources\interface\themes\default\textures\target_window\players with the name portrait_firstname.png, your own character can have a unique image. This page serves as a hub for every player that's made a character image to let you download the collection and plug them into your own game for some variety.


Every image is manually approved, and must follow the game's modding rules. You can only download the approved images. The only intention is to prevent abusive or explicit content from being on my site!

All July 13th, 2024
12 Portraits
Chaos July 10th, 2024
2 Portraits
Order July 13th, 2024
9 Portraits
Blight July 7th, 2024
1 Portraits

Download any selection above and unzip the file. Move the contained 'resources' folder into your base Istaria directory. The filepaths should match up and find their way to where they belong. Alternatively, you can manually place the ones you want in \resources\interface\themes\default\textures\target_window\players.

For the All package, the most recent portrait will be used, regardless of server. If you want control over this, download the servers individually and install them in order of priority - e.g., Blight -> Chaos -> Order if you want Order to have highest priority.


See all of the available icons included in the downloads above. Hovering over an icon will show the character name and author.

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