Welcome to the general Guides section! Here are all guides written by Istarians that wanted a place to host their content. If you want an account to make and post guides, please message Racktor on the Discord or other social media!

Adventure guides are anything to do with adventuring and fighting! Builds for fighting bosses, suggestions on how to level your classes, and so on fit in this category.

Dragons: An Introduction and Leveling Guide

Written by Rackiera Last Updated May 13, 2020, midnight

An introduction to players new to dragons including a general explanation of training points, scales, dragon factions, combat, and the process of leveling from 0 to 100 in Dragon Adventurer.

#adventure #dragon

A Guide to Epic Monsters

Written by Rackiera Last Updated May 16, 2019, midnight

A look into each epic boss, its mechanics, weaknesses, allies, and how to best approach a fight.

#general #adventure

Introduction to Biped Adventuring

Written by Rackiera Last Updated Oct. 25, 2017, midnight

How to level your first school and subsequent schools, as well as explanations of the statistics, uses of multiclassing, and how to overall build a biped without getting overwhelmed.

#adventure #biped
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