Istara's Chosen's rules are very simple in practice and should be easy to follow as long as you are a legitimate player who has no interest in fighting or drama. We are a very lax guild and are strong believers in second chances and giving people a shot. If one person has a problem with another, we prefer to see them work it out rather than block each other and never speak again.

  1. No powerleveling new players (alts of others or your own do not count). You will only be given one warning.
  2. If someone is harassing you, don't be afraid of reporting it to the Preservers and Overseers; we are here to protect you.
  3. If you are in the wrong, there is nothing wrong in apologizing; don't be mean to others.
  4. Anyone interested in joining should be familiar to the higher ranks and have no history of negative behavior.
Rule Enforcement

None of us like to see a guild member have to be kicked; it can cause frustration, animosity, and unnecessary drama and stress on everyone's life that's involved. During the event that one of the above rules is broken, we try our best to avoid outright kicking the member and try to find a peaceful solution instead.

It varies on a case-by-case basis, but generally, we will warn the offending players of their wrongdoing. If it continues happening, we will repeat the warning more severely and threaten appropriate punishment, be it demotion or kicking.

If the behavior continues, we will either demote or kick the player from the guild with ample warning. We will allow them to remove whatever they have contributed from the guild if need be. This includes resources, some formulas, tech components, or trophies stored in the structures by them and them only

After being demoted or kicked, it is possible to regain our trust and find your way back in the guild if you prove yourself to be truly regretful and never do the behavior again. However, the second time around is much less forgiving and any misstep may result in further demotion or another kick.

Activity Policy

While there is no hard date, the Overseers will generally run through the guild and purge members marked with 'Inactive' every 3 or 4 months or will demote members from their current rank to inactive if there has not been a single peep out of said member for months.

Inactivity is not a banworthy offense or anything of the sort, but if someone is going to quit the game, we prefer to keep the guild clean of long-gone members.

The process is as follows:


Recent Events

Guide Pages Reformatted

The guide pages have been reformatted to follow the main site's style, hopefully to make them easier to read.

Updated Site - Improved Load Times!

Outdated pages have been given a bit of a kick to be more up-to-date, such as the members and property pages. The site was also adjusted so that this sidebar and the navigation should load much faster, greatly improving load times.

New Page & Guides!

A few guides have been written regarding Dragon builds and biped adventure and craft leveling! Furthermore, the consigner page has been created as we try to stock our own consigner. Stay tuned!

Website Up!

The website has been created and is up and running!

Racktor's Refuge Complete

Racktor's Refuge's final libraries are completed and thus the entire lair is final.