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The optimal calculation takes into account the absolute minimum craft you can have to complete the RoP, but requires techniqued gear and other preperatory steps listed in in the "Reaching Optimal" section. This is the default.

The gearless calculation takes out techniqued gear from the calculation and instead calculates your stats based off of your level, masteries, machine used, and buffs. This is for people who cannot or do not want to technique gear simply for the RoP. You may also choose to use unteched scales of your tier.

Finally, maximimum is the level you will need based off of nothing but your statistics and skills gained per level alone. No masteries, scales, buffs, or machines. You can choose whether to re-include a machine and/or unteched scales for your tier.

Please enter your character's information and select a calculation preference below.

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Calculation Type

Reaching Optimal

The calculator assumes a few things. As long as you follow the list below, you should be able to hit the listed skill.

If you have your masteries, are wearing your scales, standing at a machine, and are buffed, you'll be fine. The calculator rounds down at every point just in case to avoid rounding errors. If you are one or two skill off, a buff from a biped should fix it.

More experienced players may notice I've left out al ot of possible buffs - if I were to calculate literally everything, you could probably get level 20 minimum at every level. However, it's just not helpful to say 'you can get level 20 if you acquire every item in the game' so I left it at dragon-centric, self-acquired items. Tool claws and cogs were also excluded, partly by choice and partly by oversight.

How It Works

While there are many things you craft in the RoP, the main sticklers will always be the Obsidian Mirror for Lunus at 300 Transmutation and the Prismatic Focus for Helians at 450 Spellcraft. If you can hit those two numbers, you can hit everything else. I've based this calculator off of that rule, a few assumptions for optimal, and a lot of math.

The assumptions are as follows.

With the numbers I gain from these assumptions, I use a lot of math to calculate how much Transmutation/Spellcraft skill you can have at level 20 craft. If it's enough, we're good! If not, from there, I subtract what you have from the required amount. I check this amount for the 'crafting bracket' you will be in - if you need 90 or less skill, you'll be in the third bracket, meaning in your 30s. From there, I can assume you will get your T3 mastery. 10 levels + 10 skill from the mastery = 90. This rule follows for the rest of the brackets. I take this bracket value and multiply it by 10 for however much mastery bonus you get, subtract 20 from it to account for the original 2 masteries I assumed, and add it in to your final total. Finally, I subtract your final total from the required skill and divide it by 8 (the skill you get per level) and add that amount onto 20 (the base) or 40 (if you are a lv 39 or below Helian).

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Rite of Passage Calculator

The RoP calculator has been finished and is now available, bug-free, to be used to calculate the lowest craft you possibly need to do the RoP at any adventure level for either faction!

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