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Written by Racktor, October 25th 2017

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When you are first touching biped leveling, especially if you are coming from a draconic background, you are likely going to be overwhelmed. Take a breath, look around, and let's break it down.

Bipeds have a whopping 24 adventure schools and can reach rating 278 if they max all of them out. This goal can take years to achieve due to how little there is to do for experience at higher ratings. Furthermore, there's only so much you can tech onto your gear and only so many places you can put training points. One of the biggest things a new biped player should realise is that you do not need anywhere near rating 278 to be a useful biped. Most biped characters are nowhere near that high of a rating nor do they care to achieve this.

Out of those 24 schools that are offered to you, four of them are known as basic or base schools and the other twenty are prestige schools. The basic schools are Cleric, Mage, Scout, and Warrior. They represent the four major sections of Istaria's biped specializations: healing/support, magic, ranged, and melee. We'll touch on that in a moment.

The rest of the biped schools are prestige schools, which means that you have to meet a specific requirement before you can join them. You will start at level 20 instead of level 1 when joining these schools. Generally, these will require level 20 in your current school and a specific base skill of 200.

Back to the specializations of biped schools. Most of the schools in the game focus their abilities and equipment on one of these sections. In general:

While all schools can fit into one or two of these categories, it is important to remember that not every schools is going to follow these exact rules and there's variations to each school that makes it unique.

Now, before we move on to specifics, there are two things to remember - one is that while bipeds can work on adventure alone, it is highly recommended that you bring a craft school up to 100 beforehand to boost a statistic relevant to what you are leveling. (Ex: Blacksmith for Strength if you're working on Warrior) If you do not want to level it to 100, it is recommended you at least try to stay on-level so you can craft some basic gear for yourself or else you will have to be relying entirely on other players.

Secondly, be careful to avoid rating death. There's a lot of choices you will make and many paths you can take, but be smart about them. Don't level 4 schools at once and keep them at the same level; your EXP is calculated from your rating. If you level many schools at once, your rating will outgrow your level very quickly, causing you to lose out on a lot of EXP from on-level mobs.

Finally, Istaria Reference will be your best friend. This site has a complete list of every ability you gain from leveling up as well as which are mastered and what each do. It also lists all the skills gained per level for every school, craft and adventure among many, many other things. Check it out here: Istaria Reference.

Biped Statistics

Bipeds have quite a few statistics that can be hard to understand at first, so let's break them down.

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Your First School(s)

Choosing your first school is not as big of a deciding factor in the rest of your leveling as you may think it is, so don't sweat trying out the few schools at the start. It won't hurt you to have your beginning schools all at level 4-5; just be careful not to level them too far at once or else it will begin rating death as mentioned earlier.

Generally, there are two paths people take when choosing their first school. Some take Warrior first and make it their first level 100 school due to the amount of weapon skill and armor use it gives you. (10 per level for both mentioned) This makes working on further schools easier as it gives a good basis for health as well, making you less easily killed.

The second path is taking the first class to whichever future class you plan to main in. For example, if you plan to be a Ranger, you may take Scout. If you plan to be a Wizard, you might take Mage. Generally this plan of action is taken by people who are not solo and are leveling alongside a friend or two who can make up for your faults or for those who plan to dedicatedly multiclass to level 100.

Single-classing versus multi-classing is also another choice you will want to make early on. While mentioned earlier that it is bad to level too many schools at once, it is not awful to keep two or so schools around the same level when moving forward in the game. Generally, it is recommended that you pick up Cleric and level it until you can get your first healing spells before moving on in your main class so you can keep yourself healed during fights. Otherwise, you'll be relying purely on your own skill to avoid death.

If you plan to single-class, it is recommended that you play with a friend or two who can help you kill things and protect you, especially if you are a ranged biped. Low-level bipeds are notoriously squishy, especially if single-classed.

Once you decide on which class you want to take, follow your tutorial quests as long as you can before moving to New Trismus. From there begins the long haul of your first school, which is arguably the hardest school to level.

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Getting Experience

Istaria is not a very well guided game when it comes to finding all the quests around the world. It is highly recommended that you look up quests for your level on the wikis for the game or ask your fellow players for guidance.

First Schools

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Further Schools

Once you have your first school to level 100, make sure you attune to Dralnok's Doom as soon as you can. The Doom will be your best friend from here on out, especially if you have a dragon.

If you have a dragon and the ability to dual log, bring your biped into the doom at the Dung Piles further in nearby the Mylocs. Keep the biped and your dragon in the same group and send your dragon on a killing spree versus the maggots. As your biped is a very low rating in its first few extra schools, it will gain tremendous amounts of experience and hit level 100 in no time. By rating 160-170 (when in a max school), however, this experience really starts to slow down tremendously and it becomes a pain even with the assistance of the doom.

If you don't have a dragon or the ability to dual log, Dralnok's Doom can be helpful if you are fighting with a few friends. Have a friend kill maggots for hoard while you tag along or fight alongside friends versus other mobs in the Doom.

Trophy leveling is the only other option for these schools, however. Play in your highest-level school and fight the mobs in your other class's tier to gather up trophies to help yourself level. As was the issue with your first school, however, be very wary of low-tier trophy leveling. Levels 0 to 5 literally take over ten thousand trophies if you've already gotten the bonus EXP for the first 10 turn-ins, while Tier 5 only takes a few hundred.

In the end, do what you can stand and what you feel works best. Don't be afraid to take a break every now and then and work on other things as well; a biped is a long-term commitment that takes a lot of time, effort, and grinding to get to a state where it is very versatile and can handle everything easily solo.

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What Schools Do I Take?

When it comes to choosing your schools beyond just your starter school and your first prestige school, you may be unsure as to what other schools to pick up to better yourself. What you end up taking is really up to what you want in the end; there are many abilities in the game that can be mastered and prove very useful in many other schools, even from schools that may be entirely unrelated to your current one.

When looking for new schools to take, I recommend using Istaria Reference's school charts. Here, you can see what skills each school gives as well as what abilities from it can be mastered.

Choosing schools and finding a build you like is likely the biggest draw of bipeds. Everyone has their own plans and ideas on what they want to do; there's a niche for everyone. Do you want to be a deadly soul-sucking biped that can toss tens of debuffs on mobs while using their own life as fuel? Take Bloodmage with Shaman. What about an archer who can fire three shots a second with its greatest epic weapon, dealing massive damage and keeping enemies nearly permenantly stunned? Take Ranger. In the end, it's really up to you and what you find fun. Explore, enjoy, and most of all, have fun.

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