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Below are all of the ranks in the guild, their available actions, and their use. If you are looking for a list of people in each rank, please see the members page.



Overseers are co-guildmasters and is reserved for foundational members who have and continue to be an outstanding support for the guild.

Overseer's available actions:


This is the main officer rank. This rank is for members who have proven to be exceptionally trust-worthy. Anyone in this rank know what they are doing and should provide help when called upon if at all possible.

Preserver's available actions:


This is the rank between protector and officer that allows for some minor guild organisational benefits but without the overarching power that the higher ranks have.

Guardian's available actions:


The average member rank. This rank is for members who have played long enough to be of service to the guild. In this rank, you are expected to be helpful where possible and active semi-regularly.

Protector's available actions:


The newest member rank. This rank is for members who haven't quite proven themselves yet, though we trust that you will strive to improve and the guild is here to help you do that.

Apprentice's available actions:


This rank is the temporary default for new and unconfirmed members until a higher-ranking player can update their rank. This rank is also a warning sign for players who have been inactive too long and are possibly on the chopping block the next time the guild purges inactive members.

If you are in this rank and have either never been promoted or have been demoted to here, let someone in the Guardian, Preserver, or Overseer ranks know to get your rank changed.

Inactive's available actions:

Recent Events

New Guide And Updates

A new guide has been posted, Dragons: An Introduction and Adventure Leveling Guide. The Guild properties and officer list has been updated to reflect the current roster.

Rite of Passage Calculator

The RoP calculator has been finished and is now available, bug-free, to be used to calculate the lowest craft you possibly need to do the RoP at any adventure level for either faction!

Reformatting II

Reformatting has been overall finished. 'Guides' and 'Istarian Resources' have combined into 'Guides & Resources'. All old guides pages now redirect to the new location. All guides and tools have been given a small description as to what they do before you click to give you an idea of what you're getting into. Finally, the main page has been updated to reflect the current state of our guild and site.


The site is undergoing some reformatting to make it more focused on the game itself rather than just our guild. I hope to make it a useful resource rather than an advertisement site.

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