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The guild officers are classified as members of the guild in the Overseer or Capsa Peccatum ranks and are able to add, remove, change the ranks or, or award points to memebers at the least. These officers are here to guide you in the guild or in the game and are willing to answer any questions you may have regarding Istara's Chosen.

Machaeon Endrad ~ Racktor Goralnar ~ Theeda Novelia

Aeritha Starheart ~ Jstntron ~ Ecaeris


Listed below are all of the Overseers, the highest rank in the guild to the point of being co-owners. They can edit everything in the guild and are considered guildmasters.

Machaeon Endrad
Overseer Machaeon Endrad

Machaeon is the official guildmaster of Istara's Chosen. She created the guild with a few starting friends back on October 12th, 2013 on Order.

She joined the game March 17th, 2013 on Order and has played consistenly since then. In March 2017, she copied over to Chaos and now maintains a primary presence on the Chaos server while keeping her original available still on Order.

Machaeon is a GMDC who also plays Hetanko, a GMC, and is very willing to craft anything needed for guild mates with both characters if available. Her point ID number is 1.

She owns Leezlord's Land, the primary biped plot in the guild.

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Racktor Goralnar
Overseer Racktor Goralnar

Racktor is a newer overseer who joined the guild on Order shortly before its shift to Chaos in early 2017. She joined Istaria back on February 16th, 2010 and has been an active player on-and-off since.

She copied along with Machaeon in approximately March, 2017 and has kept a primary active presence on Chaos server while maintaining her biped and dragon on Order just in case the need arises for her to return.

On both Chaos and Order she boasts a GMDC and a GMC with which she is willing to craft anything for her guild mates if need be and if available.

She has a slew of dragon characters and a few bipeds. Listed here are just her primarily used ones. Her point ID number is 6. She owns Racktor's Refuge, the primary lair in the guild.

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Theeda Novelia
Overseer Theeda Novelia

Theeda is a newer overseer who joined the guild soon after it was reformed on Chaos on February 12th, 2017. She is among the oldest players in the guild, having joined back on November 2nd, 2008 under the name of Toph. She now focuses mostly on her main dragon Theeda and numerous dragon alts.

Thee's point ID number is 7. She owns Theeda's Humble Abode, a crafting lair in Pleasant Canyon.

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Listed below are the Preservers, the officers of the guild who can manage everything except for the 'front page' of the guild window, such as the website link.

Aeritha Starheart
Preserver Aeritha


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Preserver Jstntron

Jstntron is an old member of Istara's Chosen from near its creation back on Order and has been a faithful member since. He is known as the Resident Statue, leaving his computer on with his characters logged in for days at a time. Generally a very busy person, he's also very kind and is extremely tech-savvy.

He currently owns The Genevia Hub and his ID number is 14.

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Ecaeris Dormoira


Ecaeris is a member of IC originally from Order who joined in approximately mid-July 2016 and then rejoined when she moved to Chaos on May 8th, 2017. She keeps an active presence epic hunting and working on her characters on Chaos.

Ecaeris' ID number is 26.

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Recent Events

Rite of Passage Calculator

The RoP calculator has been finished and is now available, bug-free, to be used to calculate the lowest craft you possibly need to do the RoP at any adventure level for either faction!

Reformatting II

Reformatting has been overall finished. 'Guides' and 'Istarian Resources' have combined into 'Guides & Resources'. All old guides pages now redirect to the new location. All guides and tools have been given a small description as to what they do before you click to give you an idea of what you're getting into. Finally, the main page has been updated to reflect the current state of our guild and site.


The site is undergoing some reformatting to make it more focused on the game itself rather than just our guild. I hope to make it a useful resource rather than an advertisement site.

Guide Pages Reformatted

The guide pages have been reformatted to follow the main site's style, hopefully to make them easier to read.

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