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Written by Racktor August 1st, 2019

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This guide is meant to just be a quick reference sheet for anyone working on a dragon, not a particular guide to anything.

Dragon Adventure Quests

This section is organised firstly by city, and then subsequently by quest level requirements, for ease of reading. Each NPC name links out to their location on Istaria Reference.

Don't forget that all X0/X5 ability quests (excluding Drain Bolt, a spell) start from Gerix in Kion at level 10/15 before moving on to the following NPCs.




✝ - Only ancients can pick up IX and X versions of these quests.

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Dragon Crafting Trainers

Since there are three craft schools, there are three subsets of craft trainers.

Dragon Crafter

All Dragon Crafting quests initially start with Xarinnis in Kion before moving on to their respective trainers listed below.




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Dragon Lairshaper

Note that in order to join this school, you must do the Knowledge of Lairs quest starting from either Resiata or Queriatia.



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Dragon Crystalshaper

To join Crystalshaper, you must be a level 80 adult dragon with 20 lairshaping and do the questline The Council's Concerns, starting with Ristef. You do not need to finish thte questline, just access the vendor/trainer.

Fiery Rift

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Recent Events

Guide Pages Reformatted

The guide pages have been reformatted to follow the main site's style, hopefully to make them easier to read.

Updated Site - Improved Load Times!

Outdated pages have been given a bit of a kick to be more up-to-date, such as the members and property pages. The site was also adjusted so that this sidebar and the navigation should load much faster, greatly improving load times.

New Page & Guides!

A few guides have been written regarding Dragon builds and biped adventure and craft leveling! Furthermore, the consigner page has been created as we try to stock our own consigner. Stay tuned!

Website Up!

The website has been created and is up and running!

Racktor's Refuge Complete

Racktor's Refuge's final libraries are completed and thus the entire lair is final.