There are multiple ways to get in contact with us if you need to. We're glad to take any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!


If you need to contact anyone in-game, please refer to the member list for a full list of all characters and alts. The overseers of the guild are Machaeon (Chaos & Order), Racktor (Chaos & Order), and Theeda (Chaos). They all lie in the EST timezone (UTC -5).

Istaria Forums

The forums are not really the best way to contact any of us, but some of us at least do poke in every so often.

Website Administration Contact

If there are any issues whatsoever with this website, please contact Racktor. She is the administrator of the website and is the only one with the ability to change it. Her contacts are listed above, but additional ones are available below for quick reference.

Recent Events

Guide Pages Reformatted

The guide pages have been reformatted to follow the main site's style, hopefully to make them easier to read.

Updated Site - Improved Load Times!

Outdated pages have been given a bit of a kick to be more up-to-date, such as the members and property pages. The site was also adjusted so that this sidebar and the navigation should load much faster, greatly improving load times.

New Page & Guides!

A few guides have been written regarding Dragon builds and biped adventure and craft leveling! Furthermore, the consigner page has been created as we try to stock our own consigner. Stay tuned!

Website Up!

The website has been created and is up and running!

Racktor's Refuge Complete

Racktor's Refuge's final libraries are completed and thus the entire lair is final.